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About Us

More than 50 Years of Family Fun!

Natural Geothermal Hot Springs

A past time for business retreats, family reunions, romantic getaways, and road trips.Peace Valley, ID, June 9, 2007: Silver Creek Plunge is celebrated its 50th anniversary. Silver creek is located within the Boise National Forest, just 65 miles from Boise. Silver Creek Plunge is surrounded by forested mountains, wildlife, and the beautiful Silver Creek, which flows through the campground. Silver Creek Plunge offers swimming, camping, rustic furnished cabins, fishing, hiking, a playground, volleyball court, basketball, and horseshoes.

The Idaho Fish and Game plants 8 to 14 inch Rainbow Trout bi-weekly in Silver Creek throughout the summer months. There’s even a small convenience store for those who forgot the fishing bait or marshmallows.

Over 100 years ago, the first tenants of the land surrounding the natural geothermal hot springs filed a mining claim. A small hot soaking pool was blasted out of the granite rock, which soon became a stopover for other miners and sheepherders. The original mining claim later was developed into 20 acres of platted property around the hot springs.

There have been several owners over the years but it wasn’t until 1957 when the pool opened. The idea of capturing the warm 100 degree water flowing from the granite rocks at 540 gallons per minute into a pool would not be easy. This was no small task at the time due to their remote location and the challenging mountainous access. The end result of years of hard work, tons of concrete and rebar was a large 186,000 gallon public pool for generations to enjoy.

The flow at Silver Creek Plunge makes it one of the cleanest public pools. And unlike many sulfur smelling hot springs, the spring water at Silver Creek is so pleasant it was nearly bottled and sold commercially. The unique design of the pool allows toddlers to adults to enjoy the warmth of the springs. Separate dressing rooms are provided for changing.

Winter is a favorite season for a limited number of lucky souls to experience the plunge as well. The road is normally closed to vehicles November through mid April due to snow. Anyone with a snowmobile will get a major treat once they arrive. The solace of the Silver Creek Plunge experience is amazing. Since few travelers actually get the opportunity to make such a trek during the winter, many find they have pool to themselves.

In the summer of 2006, Silver Creek Plunge was nearly destroyed by rattlesnake fire. For weeks, the sky was thick with smoke by day and a red glow by night. The fires shut down road access for the season sending regular Silver Creek campers elsewhere. A back burn was conducted only a few hundred feet from cabins at Silver Creek to eliminate ground fuel. Wayne Stephens, owner spent many sleepless nights wondering if they would lose everything. “I have never heard anything so scary as the raging roar of that fire,” said Stephens. He said though the fire was one mile away, it was like standing next to a passing freight train.

Today the earnest enduring work of each of the past owners at Silver Creek can be felt. The look and feel of Silver Creek Plunge further accentuates the beauty of the outdoors, and invites fun and relaxation for all its visitors. The Stephens family has photo albums and historical documents on display.

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